Q. Do I have to audition to become a member of the Choral Society?

A. HHCS is a community chorus open to all who love to sing.  Auditions are not required. However, candidates should have prior singing experience and be able to read music, in order to keep pace with concert preparation and performances.

Q. If I join and pay the $130 dues, am I required to sing all concerts scheduled that season?

A. You may sing any number of concerts that fits your personal schedule. We have members that are here only during the winter, “snowbirds” we call them, and can sing only 2 or 3 concerts. However, the dues are the same regardless of the number of concerts sung.

Q. Do I have to wear special attire for the concerts?

A. Yes, the ladies have concert costumes ordered through the Choral Society to preserve uniformity in our stage presence. The men wear black tuxedos except for the Memorial Day concert where blue blazers, grey slacks, and white shirts are worn. We provide the men a patriotic tie for that concert and the Town’s Memorial Day event at Shelter Cove.

Q. As a Season Ticket subscriber, will I have the same seat for all the concerts?

A. Yes, the seat is yours for the entire season, and may be renewed each year.

Q. I prefer reserved seating, but I can’t attend every concert. Are reserved seats available on a single concert basis?

A. Yes, this year, all seats will be reserved. But to get the preferred seats with the best sightlines you should order early, e.g., before the season, as they go quickly. Check the seating chart in the online ticketing system to select your favorite section.

Q. Is seating available for patrons in wheelchairs? Walkers?

A. Yes, there are designated Handicapped seating that can be requested, and our Ticket Director will assist in you other needs, such as a seat where a walker can be stored. Our ushers will assist in storing your walker after you are directed to your seat.

Q. Do you accept credit cards at the door, the night of the concert?

A.We do not have the capability to process credit cards at the door the night of the concert.

Q. Are children welcome at your concerts?

A. Yes, and most concerts have reduced prices for children, 12 and under. We hope to recruit them in future years.

Q. We have a social group that ranges from 10 – 20 for attending Island events. Can you accommodate us and seat us together?

A. Yes, contact our Ticket Director for special groupings. We suggest you plan early as our concerts have been sellouts, first-come, first-served.