Choral Festival

A historical first for the Choral Society, bringing together 5 groups totaling 160 singers for a powerful presentation of a leading American composer’s works under his direction was a challenge.  The result was a grand evening of music performed by multi-generational singers and the experience of working with Paul Basler, one of America’s most popular composers. An enthusiastic audience savored the blended voices and the dynamic energy of Prof. Basler.  Check to picture gallery below for the evening’s experience.  Sure to be a model for future Festivals.

America Sings!

For 19 years the Colors have been presented, the Star Spangled Banner has been sung, and a tribute to each branch of the Armed Forces has brought tears and emotions to both the standing service veterans in the audience and the singers too.  It never gets old, just more meaningful that we remember all who served.  Add to the music, a powerful speaker who told of the Flying forces, their sacrifices and accomplishments, and you have the true meaning of Memorial Day.




Music In Homes!

What began as fundraisers ended with 3 festive musical celebrations.  Performed in stately residences, Choral Society members, musicians, and visiting choruses delighted smaller audiences of 50 who responded with their enthusiastic support. Some attendees even joined the  performances.  Fun events most likely to be repeated with new guest performers.