The Hilton Head Choral Society is seeking new members!

Were you born to sing? Do you sing in the car when you’re all alone? Did you sing in college with a choral group or now in a church choir? Have you always dreamed of singing along with an orchestra? Well, you’re certainly not alone! The members of the Hilton Head...

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Vienna Boys Choir performance was exceptional!

The October 24 SOUNDS OF CHILDREN event presenting the world-renowned Vienna Boys Choir delighted and mesmerized a SOLD OUT crowd! True to form, the Vienna Boys Choir exceeded expectations with their performance. We now welcome you to join us for our upcoming event in...

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Tuesday is the big day!

That's when the Hilton Head Choral Society presents the world-renowned Vienna Boys Choir at the SOUNDS OF CHILDREN! concert. For tickets go to TICKETS at or call 843.341.3818. A limited number of tickets may be available at the door....

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