2020-2021 Season Donors

The Hilton Head Choral Society’s Concerts are made possible by the generous gifts from our Donors.


Janice A. Creech

Diane E. Ehrmann

Beverly and Charles Farley

Carolyn Fellows

Tom and Holly Fish

Mike and Connie Hellman

Heritage Classic Foundation

Ford and Patricia Hutchinson

Bo and Penny Pearson

Barbara and Michael Sorkin

Judy and William Thorpe


Dan and Ginny Castro

Richard and Dorothy Daily

Bud and Lois Dudley

GE Foundation

Warren and Jay Graves

Howard and Pat Hornstra

Mona and Joe Huff

Carol and Tom Jones

Dean and Nancy Mowrey

Sylvia Richards

Stewart and Nina Rodman

TD Bank

The Rubino Family


Malcolm and Jill Binks

John and Patricia Canzano

Phyllis Duffie

Dennis and Diana Flynn

Morton and Mitzi Ganelin

Pat and Jill Graybeal

Lawrence Hazzard

Joan S. Israel

Linda and John Kellom

Nancy and Joe LoPresti

Joann McElravy

Barry and Ann McGee

Barry and Carole Moore

Rob and Madonna Muller

Emily and Wilson Oelkers

Dale and Judy Peters

Connie Rathman

Estelle S. Roberts

Mary and Bob Rop

Dave and Louise Rose

Linda B. Shevlin

Bruce and Andrea Siebold

Nancy and Rennie Springborn

Bill and Kathy Taylor

Windermere Insurance Group – Amy Kinash, Wendy Harvey

Carol Wolfe


Opal and Hans Abbink

Robert Albertini

Jane Anderson

Eduardo and Corazon Arellano

Bluffton Veterinary Hospital

Sunni Bond

Deborah Bonser

Denny and Margaret Bozic

Rita Breen

Henry and Nancy Brown

Marilyn Campbell

Wade and Carol Close, Jr

Jill and Matt Cocks

Pamela J. Cooper

David and Cindy Coyle

Bob and Carolyn Cremins

Tom and Polly Cronin

John and Joy Danneker

Dominion Energy Matching Gifts

Loring and Marilyn Ensign

Henry and Dodi Eschenbach

Laura A. Fenn

Jacqueline Fesq

Susan and John Flynn

Bob and Linda Gaddis

Gaddis, Inc.

Charles Ganelin and Patricia Klingenberger

Paul and Peggy Gibson

Martin and Barbara Goodall

David and Mary Hair

Harry and Mary Ellen Hannan

Della R. Helvey

Bob and Liz Henry

Kathy A. Jackson

Johnson Florist LLC

Robert and Mary Kerdasha

Sandhya and Seth Kumar-Hull

Jon and Dawn LeChevet

Richard D. Lee

Christie Leininger

Joe and Nance Lynch

Patricia and William Mace

Mary Ellen McConnell

Gail McGavack

Toy Mergler

Raymond and Linda Moloney

Carolyn Moore

James and Fern Moore

Mary H. Nixon

Robert and Emily Oetjen

Zig and Anne Palagyi

Barbara and William Patterson

Bob and Kris Pearson

K. Randal and Lynn M. Pearson

Norma and Bob Pentz

Patricia Rawls

Michael and Maxene Rogers

Betsy R. Roll

Laverne Seybold

Lucinda Smith

Tom and Lorene Thornbury

Judy and Sam Tiano

Judy Walker

Kim and Robin Whiting

Marilyn Willenbrink

Lois Wilson


Steven M. Miller, D.D.S. Belfair Dental Care

Marilyn Bernstein

Rosemary Bevacqua

Jeanie Blankenbaker

MaryLou and Wes Bowles

Judy and Stu Brown

Kathy Burmeister

Scott and Marianna Burroughs

George and Barbara Carmody

Gary and Mary Louise Catarious

Marian Crapanzano

Linda Dawson

Henry Deiter

Anne J. Dout

Alan Echtenkamp

Gail Emery

James Fannon

Virginia Faust

Joseph M. and Patricia Fox

Jenna Gaddis

Judy Garver

Marian Green

David Gregory

Louise Grosse

Neil and Mary Lou Hiatt

James Hipp

IBM Matching Funds

Diane Irwin

Tracey Ann Jordan

Sally Kidd

Allan and Gloria Lacoe

Walter and Sheryl Lowe

Mary B, Lubeck

Judy Lundin

Toney and Ginger Mathews

Dietz Merryl

Jane and Dick Miller

Edward Morse

Betty L. Mullholland

Theodore and Barbara Mundy

Glenn and Linda Neff

Debbie Pittard

Roy Plekenpol

Florence Portoghese

Robert Propst

Judith Pugatch

Jim Reeves

Del and Hannah Reinmuth

Jim and Linda Rice

Chester Rogowski

Rose Hearing Healthcare Centers

Lauren Rotella

Sandy Paws Pet Salon

Maggie Scott

Gretta Sencevicky

Christine Sibley-Hart

Carol Spengler

Carl Statham

Patt Taylor

Phoebe Taylor

Marcus Walsh

Mary Waterfall

Ann West

Bill Glickman and Ann Wiesner

Barbara and Richard Wiles

Jack and Joyce Wilfore

Janice Wise

Jack and Alice Wittmann