On Friday evening, the Hilton Head Choral Society kicked off the start of our 44th season. Together with the Savannah Garrison School of the Arts and Lori Maurer, the audience enjoyed a moving performance with over 150 voices and an orchestra. The children performed beautifully, Lori Maurer’s solo was exceptional and our Artistic Director, Tim Reynolds even graced us in song. It was a magical evening, made possible by HHCS and their countless hours of work. Between rehearsals, ticket sales, soliciting sponsorships and promotion, the team at HHCS deserves a round of applause.

We have to thank John Tisbert, Director and parents and principal of the Esther F. Garrison School for the Arts who made the journey to our Island. Their seventh and eighth graders sang beautifully and we were so proud of their amazing performance. After the concert, the fun continued with the “Afterglow” at Reilley’s. It was an important moment to come together and share in the enjoyment of the evening.

This was my first concert as your President and I cannot express how touched I am after Friday’s performance. The evening went beyond the music; it was a testament to the Hilton Head Choral Society’s collective spirit and talents. I am so proud to shine alongside these performers and share their wonderful gifts with the friends, neighbors and visitors of our community.

I look forward to a beautiful season of music together!

Barbara Sorkin, President