If a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, it only takes looking at a photo of Dan Castro to see everything you need to know about his passion for singing. Much beloved by all his fellow members, Dan is well known for his many contributions to the Hilton Head Choral Society.

A valuable member of the Hilton Head Choral Society since 1999, there’s hardly a role within the organization that Dan hasn’t played. A lively tenor, Dan is currently the tenor section leader. No one is more thrilled to kick off the 45th season than Dan.

Serving as board president from 2006-2008, Dan has also held the positions of vice-president, finance committee chair, concert set-up chair, marketing committee chair, and, most recently, recruitment committee chair.

As if that’s not enough, Dan has managed the HHCS website, worked on subscriber relations and ticket sales and served as the grant writer.

Always up for a challenge and a way to give back to the HHCS, Dan co-wrote the Ushers Handbook, was instrumental in developing the Youth Choir program and was a member of the HHCS Chamber Singers. On Memorial Day, Dan is the guy who supervises the sound equipment set-up at Veterans Park.

As the Hilton Head Choral Society has made its mark on the Lowcountry arts scene for 45 years, so has Dan Castro made an indelible impression on the organization itself. For the past twenty-two years, Dan has been there for every event and contributed immeasurably to the success of the HHCS. We are beyond grateful for his selflessness and dedication. Here’s to you DAN CASTRO!