This month’s member spotlight is on two of our biggest cheerleaders and hardest workers who just happen to be married to each other – Judy and Bill Thorpe. Judy, an alto, and Bill, a tenor, are invaluable members of the HHCS. Judy, part of the HHCS since 2009, was a member of the Tour of Homes committee, serving as co-chair in 2012. She has served on the Board of Directors, as chairman of the ad campaign and the marketing committee. Judy has also been a member of the nominating committee. Bill served as chairman of the Forty for Forty Fund, the fundraiser that established the Reserve Fund. He has been a part of the HHCS since 2014. Bill served on the search committee for Tim Reynold’s successor. Together, Judy and Bill sell more than 25% of all ads sold each year for our ad campaign. They have hosted Music in Homes events and continue to be tireless advocates for the HHCS. Thank you to truly a dynamic duo!