Reprinted with permission – Local Life magazine, April 2022

LOCAL LIFE magazine’s April Issue features a special editorial in honor of Artistic Director, Tim Reynolds. The article shares 5 key pieces of wisdom from Tim that he has learned over the years while directing and guiding the Hilton Head Choral Society.


Hilton Head’s Music Man

Tim Reynolds shares five pieces of wisdom he’s learned
after 20 years as Artistic Director of the Hilton Head Choral Society.

This is the 45th season of music making for the Hilton Head Choral Society – the Island’s longest running performing arts group – and the 20th year for Artistic Director, Tim Reynolds. The 2021-22 season will be the maestro’s final season with the HHCS. During Reynolds’ tenure the group has taken two European concert tours, hosted a choral festival with choirs from throughout the USA, commissioned new works and expanded programming to include a Chamber Singers ensemble and the HHCS Youth Choir. This year is a celebration of these accomplishments and more as they celebrate “20 with Tim.”

The job of a conductor goes beyond music. “Because we work with people, we wear many hats. We have to be part psychologist, part shepherd, part parent, part colleague. A good choral director can balance all of these roles while keeping music at the forefront.” Tim has played these roles in the lives of hundreds of musicians in the Lowcountry who he has directed in his career.

Gentle humor often teases the best out of performers. “One of the most important things is to always keep the musicmaking fun. That’s why people want to be a part of it.” Tim’s success has been proven through the growth of the HHCS in the last 20 years as the size of the group more than doubled in just his first few years.

Good singing is good singing. You can put any style on it. “Music is a universal language regardless of its genre or its origin.” After studying music in England and Austria, conducting and teaching groups in the Midwest and guiding singing groups throughout Europe, Tim believes that the commonality of it all is how the musicians display their love of music through song no matter what type of music they are singing. That’s what brings people together.

Life wouldn’t be complete without music. Tim’s done it all during his tenure on Hilton Head beyond directing the HHCS. He has conducted private music lessons, led worship in churches, founded several singing organizations and established many new musical traditions on the Island. Since conducting his first show at 16, Tim’s life has revolved around music and will continue to do so long after he steps away from HHCS.

Music is a gift that you can always offer. In his tenure on the Island, Tim has witnessed hurricanes, tragedies and even a pandemic. Throughout it all, the HHCS has continued for more than 45 years to give the gift of song to Islanders and visitors alike. During the hard times and the good times, sharing the Joy of Song has been his present to so many. And so many are grateful for his contribution – musically and beyond.